Dr. J says: Take one article and call me in the morning.

In Dr. J’s  previous rant, he waxed poetically with regard to President Reagan’s foreign policy, probably because as a youth Dr. J was more concerned about living under the Red Flag than the havoc wreaked on our economy President Carter which was eminently fixable. Also, Dr. J. wasn’t paying the bills in the early 80s, as he was still just a lad more interested in playing Space Invaders on the Atari, riding bikes, and spearing frogs in the creek in the backyard.

Besides, Dr. J’s mancrush, Art “Laffer Curve” Laffer wrote a warm hagiography of Reaganomics. This article does more to eviscerate Obamanomics than anything I’ve read of late. And it really doesn’t do anything more than tell a fair and honest history of what was done right (and wrong) in the 80s and early 90s.

It should be required reading for your readers.

Well, it’s not required like the Thirteenth Imam’s latest dispatch from occultation, but it’s definitely worth your time.