Let’s Forget About Dana Milbank!

Airhead editorialist Dana Milbank wants to take a pledge: that as much as he cannot stand Sarah Palin, and is obsessed with talking about her, and thinking about her, and wondering what she is doing, or saying, or thinking at every moment, and picturing her around her house, et cetera, Mr. Milbank intends to stop talking about her for the entire month of February!

And Mr. Milbank wants us to do the same. Naturally enough, because every single goddamned attempt by the liberals to destroy Ms. Palin somehow makes her stronger. Maybe if we all close our eyes and stop believing in her, Sarah Palin will just vanish. Just like the 14-year-old girls who suddenly ignore the popular girl and cut off all contact. Because the media, you know, act like a high school freshman.

Here is an easier idea. How about 309,000,000 Americans ignore Mr. Milbank or anything he says for the entire month of February.

Yes, exactly like we have been doing for the last two decades.

(Thanks to Dr. (KN)J for the typo catches!)

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