Tragically Stupid People

CNN Headline: “Where Vaccine Doubt Persists

As a karate expert, ‘Puter knows that this, if a question at all, is rhetorical. ‘Puter, however, has ready answers (short and long form).

Short answer: In the mind of morons.

Longer answer: In the minds of parents willing to gamble with the lives of their children (and those of whom they come into contact) to prove a proposition that has been conclusively disproven by science.

‘Puter feels the need to state his position on anti-vaccination activists again. Your fetishism is a quasi-faith, not based in fact or factual inquiry, but in your fervently held belief that you alone know better than generations of doctors and research scientists. Your scientifically disproven belief system endangers not only your own family, but every individual you selfish bastards come into contact with. You are modern geocentrists [ed. — ‘Puter originally had heliocentrists here due to too much midmorning Benedictine & Bismol. His large point stands.], convinced of the correctness of your position, yet demonstrably, provably wrong. Tragically wrong.

You should be shunned in polite company, and excluded from all public and government places, as you are a walking, breathing public health risk. Your unvaccinated kids should not attend school. Private businesses should be free to bar you from entry. You should not receive any government benefits. Your children should be removed from your home as refusal to vaccinate is prima facie evidence of neglect, as it endangers their lives. ‘Puter is in favor of making your lives so frikkin’ miserable you rethink your position and vaccinate.

You can whine and bitch and moan all you want about your “right” not to be vaccinate, but ‘Puter calls bullshit. You have no right to endanger ‘Puter’s life, or those of ‘Puter’s family. Your right to freely do as you will ends the moment you interfere with someone else’s basic right, such as the right to live. You are modern Luddites, destroying life-saving herd immunity through your selfish acts. You are beneath ‘Puter’s contempt.

There are those out there who think ‘Puter is overreacting. Oh yeah? Check these pictures out if you have a strong stomach. Smallpox. Polio. Diptheria. Whooping cough (above, right). Tetanus. Hepatitis. Need ‘Puter go on? Each of these is entirely preventable through a cheap, safe and effective vaccine.

The only exception to ‘Puter venomous hatred are those who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate reasons (i.e., those with life threatening allergies, compromised immune systems, etc.). In fact, it is for these people that we owe a duty to be vaccinated and to have those for whom we are responsible vaccinated. Have we as a society lost sight of the quaint “duty to others” concept?

Refusal to vaccinate, when such vaccinations are required and free, is morally reprehensible, and, within Castle jurisdiction, punishable by death. Death by one of the diseases you refuse to vaccinate against.

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