Rimshots, Please

The San Francisco Chronicle has this headline: “Judge Orders Military To Stop Discharging Gays.” Out of artillery, or what? This is why people only read headlines.

A Pennsylvania school district that installed remote camera control software in student laptops in order to spy on the student body (or student bodies) admits no wrong doing, but will settle for the small sum of $610,000. Apparently, in order to fund it, they will be docking the district IT director’s pay $61,000 for the next twenty years for coming up with the idea.

Let’s see here. Celebrity news, eh? Well, it seems that David Arquette slept with a bartender while married to Courteney Cox. Well, who hasn’t?

David Schwimmer got married this past June. Yeah, those invites are probably never going to get done.

Brett Favre apparently had some nekkid photos of himself get loose. Now he knows how Jay Cutler feels about embarrassing interceptions.

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