Obama Losing Chicago? Old News, Dude.

We all know that the mainstream media is still in bed with the President. Daily horrors spoken by Joe Biden are ignored as a matter of principle. Stories that make the President look exactly like Bush are obscured. The rise of Hillary Clinton is unspoken: hey, anyone notice how she has done nothing, apparently, as Secretary of State since last Spring? Because she is She Who Must Not Be Named. And so on.

There is one other aspect that the media would rather you not know about: the President’s loss of support in Chicago. Regular readers know the Czar has been promoting this for some time—people here just do not fawn over him. Sure, Oprah shoots her show here. And yes, we like to cut back to the election night video of Jesse Jackson openly weeping for the man whom he wanted to castrate weeks before. And blogs on both sides of aisle keep hammering home the myth that Chicago style politics have arrived in Washington.

This is all crap. Even the Associated Press is admitting that his popularity has dropped to 51% in the Windy City. And while the AP treats this as some curious aberration of statistics, the fact is simple: Chicagoans are a practical bunch of people who are particulary hard-hit by the economy. And while there was doubtless naïveté that the President would bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to his alleged hometown, after almost two years there is a sinking realization that he used Chicago as a springboard, and that he has more affinity for Hawaii by far than he does Chicago.

This comes at a time when democratic candidate for US Senate Alexi Giannoulias is basically tied with GOP candidate Mark Kirk, with each successive poll showing one trading a one-point lead over the other. Curiously, Alexi Giannoulias has made astonishing hay with his claims that Mark Kirk lied about his military record. Astute Gormogon readers will remember that regular reader SN called this one early, to the astonishment of the rarely-wrong Czar. And while the Czar was wrong about many of the so-called stories about Mark Kirk, the fact remains that the badly faulted Kirk is a vastly better pick over the venomously corrupt Alexi Giannoulias.

Indeed, the proximity of Giannoulias to Obama and the fall in Obama’s popularity should swing the vote narrowly to Kirk in a couple weeks. The Czar ardently hopes so: while he has been disappointed with Democratic senators in the past, he finds the vile Giannoulias totally unacceptable under any circumstances.

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