More Patting Ourselves on the Back

Hello, readers.

Do you remember a recent post in which the Czar predicted that the Tea Party seems to be implementing a new phase of attack? This one, we thought, would be aimed at Republicans, not Democrats, and that the GOP would be well-advised to live up to its promises immediately upon election…and that failure to do so, according to growing rumblings, could easily result in the destruction of the Republican Party.

Well, now, Michael Tanner over at The Corner is picking up on this as well. And Rush Limbaugh is now echoing this, as is the great Mark Steyn. Thanks to Ed Driscoll for finding more exmples. [Update: Now Andy McCarthy agrees.]

As we predicted. Take heed, Republicans. The Czar doubts that one slip up in the next few months will result in your instant eradication. What you will do is give legitimacy to all sorts of oddball third parties, and ensure that you will never gain another majority again, until, by 2020, you are non-existent.

You will be seeing more and more stories like this in the press…until people start believing it: and perception in politics is indistinguishable from reality.

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