The Kids These Days Can’t Even Steal An Election

What an election. And out come the bad moves.

Sure, every party makes mistakes during an election: openly false comments are made and disproved just as quickly. Third parties put out advertisements with patently wrong accusations. Words are twisted in debates. Most of these are genuine mistakes, repeated by eager candidates who talk too quickly, or folks knowingly taking information out of context in hopes that the opponent trips and falls explaining it. Heck, it is so common that political ads are generally exempt from libel and slander laws because (as John Adams once told the Czar personally) the courts would be overrun with charges.

But there is an evil malevolence being directed against Republican candidates which the Czar has not seen in recent years: specific acts of fraud and voter deception by increasingly desperate Democratic candidates. Some examples:

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) inserted the unrelated and fulsomely unpopular DREAM Act into the Defense Authorization Bill as a way to woo Hispanic voters in hopes that they will provide the edge he needs over competitor Sharron Angle. Not only did this bad move cause both parties to vote against the bill, it denied pay raises to military personnel as well as ending needed discussion on the legitimacy of Clinton’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-IL) buses in fake protestors with false signage in an attempt to discredit her opponent, Adam Kinzinger.

Rep. John Adler (D-NJ) was exposed as bankrolling a fake Tea Party candidate, Peter DeStefano, in order to divide conservative votes away from Republican candidate Jon Runyan. Adler denied this, but aides confirmed his plan to steal an election.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) edited a video of his opponent, Dan Webster, to make Mr. Webster advocate strict religious fundamentalism up to an including violence against women. Grayson accused Webster of being a “Taliban Dan” while showing the video in an advertisement. However, honest people on both sides of the election came forward with the original video that showed a very different presentation. Grayson has since dropped in the polls, and many local voters attribute this to the counterfeit ad.

A Democratic plant posed as an openly racist spokesperson for Rand Paul (R-KY), even giving a media interview before he was exposed as a fake. This is not the only targeted hoax of which Mr. Paul has been accused.

In Michigan, a group calling itself the Tea Party attempted to register itself with the state’s Secretary of State’s Office. The party lists former labor leader Mark Steffek as the party president. However, not a single Michigan-area Tea Party organization can identify any of the almost-60,000 signatures as legitimate, and say that none of them are involved with this.

Rep. Bryan Lentz (D-PA) openly assisted self-proclaimed Tea Party candidate Jim Schneller obtain enough votes to appear as an independent running against GOP candidate Patrick Meehan, solely for the purpose of taking votes from Meehan. Evidently, Mr. Lentz does not deny any of this. No, this is not illegal…but the intent here is obvious: intentionally planning to pervert the election from legitimate campaigning efforts by two candidates.

There is actually good news in all of this. If one or two candidates tried this, it might have worked. However, the copycat campaigning style of the Democrats has revealed to millions of Americans the pointless objective of these techniques, and that makes America even smarter for 2012—and if these are failing, the next batch of candidates will be less likely to try.

Thank goodness for the Internet. Really: it has been the worst thing for liberals.

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