Here’s Hoping

It is rumored that Ridley Scott is back on the TV adaptation of the 1962 Philip K. Dick novel, “Man in the High Castle”.  It sounds like it’s going to be a 4-hour event.  For those unaware, the Hugo Award winning novel follows life in North America sixteen years after a 1948 end of World War II where the Axis powers win.  Read more here.  I hope that this adaptation of a Dick story turns out better than some of the previous.  Here’s a quick list for those not familiar with just how many of his works have been used:

Blade Runner: based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Scanner Darkly: based on the story of the same name
Total Recall: based on We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
Minority Report: based on the short story of the same name
Next: based on The Golden Man
Paycheck: based on the story of the same name
The Adjustment Bureau: based on the story of the same name (pushed back to March 2011)

A number of other movies are more loosely based on his works.

Two previous television programs have aired based on Dick’s works: “The Cookie Lady” and “Martian Time Slip”.  I have a mixed opinion of some of these – particularly after I took a Science Fiction class in college that centered around Philip K. Dick’s works.  His works are very intriguing and his personal life was a mess…truly an interesting combination.

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