Gosh, They Miss Nixon

The increasingly shabby New York Times, in an effort to show the world it can reduce news stories ad absurdum like Time or Newsweek, has prepared a pretty good proof that their junior editors can be just as shoddy as anyone else.

Case in point, a little piece called “The Things They Said, which manages to find a way—with an upset election only about a week away—to link all five columns to conservative stupidity! Of course, this is not done without unintended irony.

  • On the Juan Williams embarrassment, the NYT said “Like most news organizations, NPR expects its journalists to keep personal opinion out of their reporting.” Instead, the NYT recommends you merely used blatant bias slanting in your topic selection like they do.
  • A quick recap of Mrs. Thomas’ demand for Ms. Hill to apologize for her false charge of sexual harrassment against Justice Thomas. But in case you miss the point, they title this column “About an Old Battle.” You know, in case you thought this was important in any way.
  • The NAACP calls Tea Party members racists again. The NYT mentions that that Tea Party members deny this, but does not bother to mention that the charges were thoroughly debunked several times by independent review. Because that would be telling.
  • Crazy Sharron Angle! She can’t tell the difference between Latinos and Asians! Hah! Also, she has an ad that shows “several dark-skinned people” climbing fences. Boy, is she racist. Shame there was no space to comment on Harry Reid’s claim that he saved the world from a depression, which has further dropped him in the polls, or on the other fifteen dumbass comments he made in the last seven days.
  • Stupid Christine O’Donnell! She thinks the First Amendment does not provide for separation of church and state! Hah! Boy, these conservatives are fools. Wait—the First Amendment doesn’t establish a separation of church and state? Well, she must be wrong for something else, then. Maybe…well…she doesn’t know that the First Amendment does not provide for separation of church and state. There. Much better.

When do they get around to that “All the News” bullcrap, instead of this drivel?

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