That Which Hath Been Mailed

GD writes in regarding the Czar’s piece on Rep. Halvorson:

Er… waitaminute. Is that her tax-payer funded office they were organized at? I would think that is a pretty serious violation of something…

And the Czar is confident Andrew Breitbart is looking into it. Must be nice to be her Republican challenger, since Breitbart is like 12-0 on taking liberals down.

And JAB writes in with an attaboy.

You’re a Czar of your word, Your Czarness. “Jupiter at Opposition” did make my freaking day, just as you promised in “Mail Mosh Pit.”

Today has not been the best at the trailer-park, so my day needed to be made.

Odd observation—didn’t know who Rep. Halvorson was until now. Can’t wait for the promised update. What a tool! Makes me think my own Rep. “Tool” may not be quite as bad as I had thought.

Thanks to all ye Castle-Dwellers!

Thank you. And you are most welcome.

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