Murkowski Must Not Be Re-Elected

Senator Lisa Murkowski, having lost the primary to challenger Joe Miller, is strongly considering a write-in campaign. She also, as you know, flirted with the idea of running as a Libertarian candidate, although there is some risk here because she is, after all, RINO.

She now, officially, must not be re-elected. Here’s why: as a write-in, her name will not even be on the ballot. Meaning, of course, that Alaskans will see their two principal candidates and simply vote accordingly. A write-in stands little chance of winning because no one will see her name to remember how to spell it. Think about it: no matter how vigorous a write-in campaign she runs, it will never have the strength of a full-blown candidacy—which she had, but lost in the primary. So her write-in campagin is guaranteed to be less successful because she cannot even get on the ballot.

So why bother, you ask? Exactly. Murkowski has proven that she needs to be re-elected no matter what. The people of Alaska have already spoken? Screw them! Write her in! The GOP supports Miller? Forget that! She needs to be Senator!

Anyone who needs to be Senator this badly ought to be kept away from politics entirely. She is either delusional or dangerous or both.

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