Mailbag: Catching Up

Ah, dear, the mail has been stacking up.

Dr. J. writes in:

You call it almost feeling sorry for the President.

I call it Schadenfreude.

Indeed, fair enough. From the German word Freude, meaning “fear,” and Schaden, meaning “Islamic.”

Speaking of which, JTS stopped by the Castle lounge with his daughters to try out GorT’s Omnidimensional slide, complete with Möbius loop in the middle. Between sips of a SlimFast and Gin (a house favorite, called a GhettoBlaster), JTS mentioned:

I still get a thrill when I get mentioned in your blog!

Even though I’ve now had multiple mentions (and I like that you call me JTS, so as not to confuse me with the other JS). Did you see the “Sun-Times” poll today? Dart was in front followed by Meeks.

Loved your post on “Islamophobia“. Keep up the good work.

Actually, “I don’t have a clue” was way in front, ahead of Dart and Meek. But the Czar concedes that perhaps Meeks has a stronger following in Chicago that we first thought. All right…we shall see.

But thanks for your vote on Islamophobia. We do appreciate it, and reward thee with another prominent mention in a post. Refer your friends! And we hope the girls had fun on the ride! All the Czar knows is that when they arrived at the bottom, one had on a tri-corner hat with a feather, and the other was covered in chimney soot. Some ride, eh?

And still more on Islamophobia, this time from JAB:

Yesterday’s post on irrational fears is pure Gormognificence! It was so nice, I had to read it twice. Beautiful how you turned the dominant use of “Islamophobia” on its head by simply pointing out real-life examples. Now that’s subversive!

I am, at this very moment, listening to the President’s press conference and he’s lecturing on about how the majority of Muslims are peace-loving folk who are just like everybody else and want to improve their lives, etc…. Probably true enough, but irrelevant. Like it or not, folks going quietly about their business, don’t get news coverage. Rather, it is always the odd and extreme that are noticed. How else to explain Marilyn Manson?

The examples that you pointed to, have a common thread, that of violence, perpetrated or threatened, by Muslims.

Here’s the thing I don’t get—if a Muslim truly believes: (1) that Allah is all-powerful and all-knowing, (2) and the Koran is the embodiment of the sacred word of Allah, and (3) that to burn one is a horrible offense against Allah, why then would a faithful Muslim need to take any sort of action against Danish cartoonists or idiotic Florida tent-preachers???? By definition, can’t an omnipotent deity mete out his own justice? Does such a deity really need the help of illiterate Waziris to maintain street-cred? Is a riot in Kabul going to make such a deity seem more powerful or honorable?

I just don’t get it. Does that make me Islamophobic?

No, sadly, it brings up a sticking point the Czar has had with nearly all religions. The Czar, as we all know, makes it a point not to get into religious debates. But he will quietly observe that many religions suffer a commonality—that the adherents assign some of the worst qualities of humanity to their deity. This goes back thousands of years, too: passion, caprice, jealousy, envy, anger, stubborness, hypocrisy, pettiness, childishness, and worse. This really sells short the idea of an all-knowing, all-powerful being (not all religions have an all-loving god, as we too well know). Really, it seems that God would be unaffected by adolescent emotional states and not care much whether a couple of little critters like us drew cartoons or burned books. It would not be worth His time. In fact, being all knowing, He should not be surprised by it in the least.

But the Czar is not a wise priest, so he shrugs and goes back to his Ghettoblaster.

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