Gormoney from the archives

Since the Czar has displayed some current Gormogon currency (the reserve currency of occult conspiracies—we know our damn monetary policy), we dug into the archive and found some old units of currency issued under our dread authority.

For a while, the Plateau of Leng used the Tibetan srang. Naturally Confucius was master of the mint.

Here’s a 25-ruble note issued by the Czar. In 1684, this is what he’d pay for a flayed Tatar skin.

This is one of the actual bills the Mandarin used to payoff Genghis Khan to go devastate westward. This remains a sore spot between him and the Czar.

We have no idea what this is, but it was stuck in the eyesocket of a Yautja skull we found in one of GorT’s rematerialization scorch marks. He won’t talk, but we rather suspect he’s some sort of galactic warlord c. 3225 A.D..

And, yes, we know this isn’t technically currency, but ’Puter repeatedly tries to pay Dat Ho with stained and soiled bits of fabric and paper. And yet he manages to use his Diners Club at the Peacock.