Public-sector unions, spending your money to get more of your money.

Look for the union label on your state and local tax increase, writes Stephen Malanga: The sight of rich people pleading to be taxed more has attracted attention to the November ballot initiative. But otherwise, support for the ballot measure, … Continue reading

‘Puter Update

‘Puter is in fact alive and reasonably well. ‘Puter would like to thank each of you who wrote to him expressing get well wishes, and even those who wished he would die like the stinking right wing BUSHITLERBURTONCON he is. … Continue reading

Stuxnet Update

Apparently it is not going well in Tehran, Iran if you’re a computer professional.  Iran has reportedly become desperate and is reaching out to computer experts across the globe, offering handsome rewards for assistance in clearing out the Stuxnet worm.  … Continue reading


…this isn’t the future of our Space Shuttles. Rough translation for those who do’t read Russian: An unprecedented case. Seemingly abandoned spaceship on the streets of Moscow – it is something from the realm of fantasy. But alas, this is … Continue reading