Spin Controlling Any Hope of Recovery

Gormogon heavy lifter DT writes in:

I think we can probably agree that Kensians [sic] are a bunch of self-deluding cousin-lovers, who can’t seem to separate reality from their elaborately crafted models (viz. Krugman, Pelosi, etc.). The massive bailouts and stimulus bills, while effective in enriching the politically well-connected, has done nothing to improve the situation.

The only hope, of course, is that after Obama is run out of office in 2012, the grownups come back in and repair his damage with the help of our friends Mr. Laffer. However, the subsequent recovery will be inevitably hailed by the media/technocrat complex as the final victory of their Keynesian buffoonery.

What should our prepared response be to this? I favor a vigorous gut-booting all around, but fear that’s not practical based on geographic dispersion. Any other suggestions?

The Czar has asked some of the other bat sexers at the Castle to answer this one as well.

As for our take, the conservatives are beginning to learn a little bit about politics this time around. Heck, some of those lefty/prog techniques work pretty well. Note what happens when Andrew Breitbart takes a play right out of the Alinsky playbook, and posts a video of an NAACP speech without comment or context, isolating an individual making statements. It set of a powerful chain of dominoes, and the media is still rushing around gape-mouthed trying to figure it all out.

Bottom line, we do the same thing the President does, albeit not to his extreme. The economy recovers, and the Right takes full credit for it. Repeatedly. But with two differences: one, we do not continuously go on and on about the “disaster I inherited” or “the last four years…” until the public gets sick of it; the President, for example, has milked the Bush’s-fault teat dry. Nobody fricking buys it, and it seems psycho-stalkerish to keep talking about it. Especially when no one is fooled about who made the bigger stain on the economic rug. Hammer the point home again and again, but eventually move off of it, and for God’s sake don’t throw unrelated or new crap into the pile. Stick to what happened on your watch.

Second, and more importantly, use facts. That is something the Left has a big problem with. Rather than say “My administration has created one million new jobs,” hit them with real facts and figures. “By cutting taxes across the board, over 2 trillion dollars flooded into the economy that did not exist before. As a result, investments soared and unemployment dropped to six percent in the first eighteen months. The increased employment put enough additional tax money into the government to pay down our deficit by 18%.” Stuff that is not really arguable. That any snot-nose with access to Wikipedia can look up. And that looks exactly like you had a plan that paid off.

As Dennis Miller once said, the Left has a hard time with PowerPoint bullets. Hit them with the a, b, c approach to the facts, and their counterarguments crumble into the usual myths and nonsense (“Bush lied!!!!”) that no one outside of a Hollywood wrap party believes.

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