Re: Electricity

Mmmmmmm. The Czar does not disagree with GorT’s definition of the ampere. But the ampere is a unit of measure, as he said, which identifies the amount of electrons that occupy a space in a given time. Amperage is how many amperes move through a given circuit in a given time. That defines a rate, or…simply…how fast.

So the Czar fails to see where he was incorrect in his simple explanation of household electricity. He does agree with GorT’s analogy of voltage as pressure though, but not pressure in the traditional sense…more like pressure as work in the Newtonian sense as (roughly) force times distance. Work = wattage, Force = voltage, and distance is (rate times time) or (current times power factor).

As an aside, why does GorT get mail for the Czar, and why does the Czar get mail for GorT? Does no one know what scripsit means anymore?

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