Not Enough Outrage? They’ll Make Some More.

Seriously, if someone asks you how bad it is out there, show them this.

Guy gets into NY cab, asks cab driver if he is a muslim. When cabbie says he is, passenger slashes and stabs him nearly to death.

Naturally, the passenger is a liberal supporting the Ground Zero mosque. He evidently hoped to spark outrage against conservatives.

Think about it: some innocent guy gets stabbed because some liberal is losing an argument.

But that isn’t the only horror being perpetrated by those Islamaphobic right-wingers!

The Dove World Outreach Church is planning a “Burn the Quran” party on September 11th of this year. The DWOC, of course, is one of those right-wing churches in Gainesville, Florida.

Errr. Or not. Turns out, the DWOC ain’t a genuine church at all, but a for-profit business operating out of a church property. Nor are they right-wing folks. The business, which evidently somehow turns a profit, collects food for redistribution to low-income members for reasons of social justice. And, yeah, they coordinate activities with the Westboro folks, whom you know are staunch Democrats.

We predict the media will not cover either clarification.

And yeah, liberals have even taken to firebombing their own offices to get attention.

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