Gormogon Operative Island Dweller comments via African coconut swallow on the Czar’s mosque post as follows:

First – due to my (now former) government affiliation I was assigned to Hawaii for four years in the 1990s. Due to my job I was in close proximity to the USS Arizona Memorial on an almost daily basis, and was a frequent visitor, out of personal commitment, patriotic duty, and (lastly) curiosity. There are numerous Japanese tourists who visit the memorial on a daily basis. I never observed, based on dress or demeanor, a Japanese nationalist among them. I did, however, see numerous Japanese visitors of both sexes and all ages in tears both in the shoreside museum and aboard the memorial. They are aggrieved over what their country and fellow religious believers have done in the past. I wonder how many weeping Muslims we would observe strolling around Ground Zero, or stepping into the mosque?

Second – during my four-year stint in Hawaii, I observed a number of Shinto shrines in various locations on Oahu. I did not observe any Shinto shrines in proximity to Pearl Harbor, or any other of the installations that were attacked that Sunday morning, for that matter – and I was all over the island, not at the tourist traps. ‘Nuff said.

Last – a close friend has observed that the NY state government, and NYC authorities can say what they want – NY is a closed-shop state and NOTHING gets built or serviced there except by union labor. The rank and file seem to be adamantly opposed to the construction of this mosque. Does anyone see the city council, mayor, or any other authority advocating an exemption to the closed-shop rules so this mosque can be built by scabs? His assessment was it would be die quietly because they would be unable to find anyone in the building trades willing to work on it.

‘Puter thinks Czar summed up things quite nicely in his post, but since ‘Puter’s been asked, here are ‘Puter’s thoughts on the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

1. ‘Puter agrees with Czar and President Obama that the proponents of the mosque have the right to build where they want, so long as they adhere to applicable law, including planning and zoning codes.

2. ‘Puter agrees with Sarah Palin here, where she states that not everything that is legal is a good idea. That is, sure you can build the mosque there, but doing so is an immature publicity stunt designed solely to antagonize those who are more than willing to show tolerance. Tolerance is a two way street, bub.

3. On Island Dweller’s first point, ‘Puter would like to think that a not insignificant portion of Muslims are ashamed and remorseful that their coreligionists (B.S. MSM created word) believe that destroying human life (a) is God’s will and (b) advances the Islamic faith. But, ‘Puter’s not willing to lay money down on the proposition.

4. On Island Dweller’s point the second, ‘Puter believes there is a difference between the Japanese and Muslim situations. American soundly defeated the Japanese, resulting in an unconditional surrender. Such utter and complete failure of national objectives leads the populace to act defeated. Radical Islam has no such recent defeat. Islam is on the move throughout the world, threatening to overwhelm Western values throughout Europe and tightening its grip on so-called moderate regimes in the Muslim world. Subjugating the United States is the next logical step in the longstanding goal to impose Islam on the world. The Japanese didn’t build Shinto shrines near Pearl Harbor because they were defeated. Radical Muslims want to build provocative mosques because they are still at war, and thus undefeated.

5. ‘Puter agrees with Island Dweller’s third point. Faced with the embarrassing refusal of politicians and their chattering class enablers to state simply that building a mosque at Ground Zero is a bad idea, we are left to the sensibilities of New York’s trade unions. If anything can stop this mosque (short of fundraising failure as noted by Czar), it’s union intransigence.

‘Puter’s got some more thoughts on radical Islam he’ll be posting shortly.

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