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Yes, I’m diving back into the whole Climate Change/Global Warming/Global Cooling swirl.  Specifically, while I agree the climate is changing (it’s changing all the time) I remain unconvinced that humans have had a significant impact on it.  While in the Pacific Northwest, we went to the BC Royal Museum which had a timeline of Earth temperature and today’s average temperature.  There were periods (obviously) above and below it and even a period with rapid (for the timeline) fluctations that would send Al Gore off the deep end….back when humans weren’t even around.

While in the U.S., we are generally bemoaning a very warm summer and therefore hearing the cries of global warming, I found this tidbit (found via Small Dead Animals) interesting:

It has been the coldest summer on record north of 80N, and temperatures have dropped below freezing ahead of the average date.

Read more details here.  Continuing in the article you have forecasters making claims that when the climate warms, the summer melt period will lengthen.  What will they say to contradictory and factual evidence against that?  What about when their models that lead them to believe that the 2010 ice decline will surpass the record 2007 summer but it turns out to be wrong as well?
So maybe you think that it is solely a northern hemisphere thing only.  Wrong, the Antarctic sea ice extent is on its way to a record setting year.  We still have two months left of ice growth and it’s currently ahead of previous years’ growth.  Let me quote the conclusion from the post:

The “long term trend” (30 years) in Arctic ice continues to be downwards, and would be even if the ice minimum was a record high this summer. But the three year trend shows strong growth of extent, thickness and age. Meanwhile, Antarctic ice is blowing away the record books. Yet the press continues to spread massive disinformation about the state of ice at both poles. Who could possibly be responsible for that?

When forecasters can’t get tomorrow’s weather forecast correct, or next week’s and their models are incorrect for years for ice models, tropical storms, etc., how much longer should we listen to them?  Maybe we should start scoring them.  Sports prognosticators’ records are watched and scored – why not these idiots that are gambling with our tax money on creating a career – possibly out of models crafted to fit a theory rather than a theory crafted from factual data.

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