The Many Faces of Eugene Robinson

August 24, 2010, on the Ground Zero Mosque: It’s constitutional; therefore, you have no right to criticize it. Anyone who disagrees with me is a racist, bigoted Islamophobe. There can be no other possible explanation for opposition. In other words, STFU, bigots.

August 27, 2010, on Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally: It’s constitutional; therefore, it is the ordained duty of Americans to criticize it. The rally is clearly a stealth attack on Martin Luther King. Anyone who disagrees with me is a racist, bigoted hero-hater. There can be no other explanation for Mr. Beck’s rally. In other words, STFU, bigots.

‘Puter’s got several thoughts on Mr. Robinson’s schizophrenia:

1. Mr. Robinson is living proof of Dr. Krauthammer’s observation (interestingly published on the same page as Mr. Robinson’s piece today) that the last refuge of a liberal on the losing side of an argument is to call his opponent racist.

2. Does no one edit the op-ed page at the Washington Post? How on God’s green earth does an editor allow a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist to directly contradict himself within the space of three days? It’s an absolute embarrassment and a sign of the decline of our once mighty, and relatively unbiased, press.

3. Mr. Robinson’s dueling columns illustrate the liberal canard of a “living constitution.” Liberals believe the Constitution means what it says when congruent with their values (e.g., free press), and can be rewritten at whim when incongruent (e.g., guns).

If there’s a Pultizer Prize for beclowning one’s self for a failing liberal ideology, Mr. Robinson’s a shoe in this year.

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