Gormoney: That’s What I Want

Dread lords,

I stumbled on this today and spit out my elixir vitae…


and then linked to


The idea of redesigning our money to look like Euro-monopoly money, and putting the face of SAT reading comprehension section favorite and erstwhile communist Cesar Chavez on the double sawbuck is obscene.

Putting President Obama on a bill is part of Michelle’s reboot of America.

Therefore, I am throwing down the gauntlet:

I would like to see submitted Gormogon Gormoney!


Dr. J

The Gormogons are always up to a challenge, especially if we can subtly affect world affairs by doing so. Dr. J presents us with an irresistable challenge: control the world reserve currency!

With that in mind, a couple of reminders to our readers: this is not an official Treasury Department exercise; instead, it is a doofus artistic Zima-sipper putting a challenge out there to anyone with two seconds of Photoshop experience. It is purely for fun, not for consideration. The second reminder: naturally, a lot of these fleabags are liberals who naturally would love to endorse their Progressive heroes. Some of the right-wing bill designs are actually quite nice and universal, so check out the entries. And some guys have excellent ideas for helping those with impaired vision.

But here are the winning entries (click to enlarge):

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