Democrats: ObamaCare is a Failure

The Czar boggles at how bad news can get for the President. As much as popular infotainment continued to trash President Bush day after day, at least it was the same five bowel movements: Bush has subpar intelligence, Bush faked evidence to invade Iraq, Bush is wiping out the poor and fattening the rich, Bush is a religious crackpot, Bush is a slave to the hell-bent imperial Dick Cheney for the purpose of enriching Halliburton. Everything else was just a variation on these themes.

But President Obama. Holy cow. The guy probably wakes up every morning wondering what landmine is going to go off next. In the last week, he has learned that his key swing states prefer Bush were still President, that most Americans think he is going to be responsible for a double-dip recession, and that nearly everyone thinks he totally screwed up the Manhattan Mosque affair to the detriment of everyone involved.

Now comes the embarrassing release of information that the Democrats think ObamaCare is a financial disaster, and are already planning—in upcoming election speeches and stumps—to “improve” it. Instructions to candidates from party heads are to avoid any mention of cost-savings, because the newest consensus is ObamaCare is going to lose money badly, swell the deficit, and at best do nothing to affect costs (it seems they will actually increase). Instead of getting into discussions about the cost structure, simply say that there is room for substantial improvement.

So the Democrats are abandoning the golden child of Healthcare Reform? They admit the GOP was right? Too nauseating to believe? Click here to see the actual 24-slide presentation in all its Successories-clip-arted glory.

When you read through it, note the clear use of identity politics: what to tell women, what to tell Latinos, etc. Shouldn’t the message be the same to all? And note the assumption that your audience is stupid: Don’t assume public knows the health reform law passed or if they know it passed understand how it will affect them [sic]. Even the clip art, on the last slide, shows a padlocked door: keep them ignorant.

This is a disaster for the Democrats and a gold mine for GOP candidates. The Czar predicts that the news media will suppress this document from going nationwide; and also expect to see candidates distancing themselves from it while quoting extensively from it over the next couple months. The GOP should plaster this Insult-to-America all over its various media outlets and have candidates embarrass opponents by quoting from it in debates.

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