DeLay: GOP Needs to Step It Up

Tom DeLay is prudently cautious about the upcoming elections, warning GOP supporters that a landslide victory in all areas against Democrats ain’t gonna happen.

In fact, DeLay warns, the Democrats have a really solid game plan that will make life quite difficult for Republican candidates.

The Czar agrees. There seems to be this perception among most GOP candidates that taking the House is in the bag, and grabbing the Senate is well within reason. The GOP needs more Paul Ryans, though, to offer really substantive plans and show powerful fiscal responsibility. Right now, polls show that the GOP is viewed almost as skeptically as the Democrats. It has improved, yes, but not enough to be confident.

Would it not be creepy if the news stories about this purported upcoming GOP firestorm were ultimately left-wing plants to encourage conservative voters to stay home and not bother? “Heck, if it’s such a landslide, why do they need my vote?”

Nah. It’s merely a matter of the liberal media trying to scare Democratic voters into coming out in droves. You’ll see.

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