Another Reason Hollywood Is Hell

Regular readers here know the Czar loathes Hollywood celebrities and the people who fawn over them. Frankly, most actors are low-IQ front lumps who earn the inside-the-acting-industry nickname “meat puppets.”

Yep: they sound like geniuses when someone writes their lines, but off script, a lot of these guys reveal themselves as morons. Well-worshipped morons.

Which brings us to an excellent essay by John Nolte, in which he exposes the typical shrill hypocrisy of a whiny Adam McKay.

McKay, you see, has become better known recently as the director of The Other Guys, which contains a plot line about foiling a Ponzi scheme. McKay claims that his movie is politically neutral, although Nolte (a) underscores the liberal messages in the film, (b) lists McKay’s refutations that he is not a liberal hypocrite, and (c) finishes by listing all the reasons McKay is a liberal hypocrite.

The Czar’s favorite observation by Nolte, in response to McKay saying he is merely standing up for the little guy because these outrageous CEO compensation packages have to end, is to question just how fat McKay’s paycheck was for producing this movie.

There’s a bunch more, and the essay is a nice, quick read. Go forth, and see what type of exposition resonates with the Czar.

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