Clinton v Obama: 2012?

Very interesting thought piece by Bernard Goldberg that addresses some buzz we ourselves have heard others whispering about: what are the odds that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could run against Barack Obama for the 2012 Democratic nomination?

And, he concludes, pretty darn good. This is one of those peculiar editorials that it a bit hard to swallow in its entirety—yet it is impossible to refute a single one of his points. At the end of it, you actually begin wondering.

There is one piece he left out, though: the fact that Democratic Party progressives are so nuts right now, and in total fear of their political lives, that they might actually consider a stunt like this to retain power.

The Czar, you will recall, is also confident Obama will be a one-term president based on a host of other signs and symptoms, but this notion—that he will be challenged by his own administration—is a delightful one guaranteed to point to a GOP victory in 2012.

Maybe 2012 will be the end of the world for crackpot believers.

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