Mail Call…

Your Mandarin received this inquiry from our operative CM…

O Great Manipulator of Space, Time and Dimension–is this your handiwork?
I can think of no other explanation, rational or otherwise…

Click here.

While your Mandarin is able to warp the very fabric of space, cause time to move forward, backward, and sometimes side to side, I am not the creator of the universe and everything in it.

Having read the article, this whole theory reminds your Mandarin of how L. Ron Hubbard “discovered” Scientology. We all seek meaning to life and try to explain how we came into existence. You can find examples of this in any creation myth from numerous cultures throughout the ages. This is just a current example of this effort using the familiar touch-stones of our times.

About The Mandarin

The Mandarin, whose real name is 吏恆, joined the order in 1309, and introduced the Gormogons into England during the 18th Century.The Mandarin enjoys spending time with his pet manticore, Βάρἰκος, or Barry (who can be found in the Bestiary). When not in the Castle…well, frankly, nobody is quite sure where he goes.The Mandarin popularized the fine art of “gut booting,” by which he delivers a powerful kick to the stomach of anyone that annoys him. Although nearly universal today, the act of gut booting or threatening someone or something with a gut boot is solely due to him.

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