Commies, Carey, and Catholics

As reported here, the Empire State Building was lit up in red and gold to honor the Communist regime in China. Very touching.

Some Catholic groups would like the tower lit up in blue and white—just for the night of August 25th—to honor Mother Theresa on the 100th anniverary of her birth. The management has refused.

Why? The owners refuse to light up the tower for political reasons.

Then why have it lit red and yellow to honor the 60th anniversary of a Communist takeover? And green for the Iranians? And blue and white for Israel? Well, it turns out the owners now refuse to light up the tower for religious reasons. You never want to show religious favoritism.

Then why was the tower lit up in colors dedicated to the deaths of Cardinal O’Connor and, later, Pope John Paul II? Yes, well that was before the current management took over. That was the previous management. The current management would not have done so.

Then why did the current management have the tower lit up last year in blue and white for that date? Well, uh, stand by. We’ll try to think of something.

The fact is—and everybody knows it—the owners of the Empire State Building can light up a tower (or not light it up) for any freaking reason they choose. They do not need an official policy, nor do they need a specific explanation.

But how curious is it that something as bloody and horrific as Communist China is rewarded, but one night to honor a nun’s birthday is suddenly out of the question? Especially when the tower’s current management lit the building up in pink, purple, and white to celebrate a freaking Mariah Carey album?

One persistent rumor that will not go away: building owner Anthony Malkin is strongly pro-abortion, whereas Mother Theresa—shall we say—was less inclined in that direction. The Czar has no knowledge of Mr. Malkin’s beliefs, nor whether they would strongly interfere with the request to lighting the building up for her birthday. Given that the tower was lit up last year for her order, this seems doubtful. Other rumors are even more ridiculously conspiratorial.

Open admission: the Czar is no fan of Mother Theresa for reasons that are his own. Rather, the Czar’s intense skepticism here is why the Communist Chinese get honored, evidently to the exclusion of far, far less horrible people.

New York largely agrees: the City is planning to use blue and white lighting wherever it can to honor Mother Theresa, which ultimately will make the red and gold ESB stick out like a bloody and greedy thumb. Hey, red for blood and gold for greed. Are those not the colors of China?

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