BS on the BO’s BP Speech

Even ABC News is saying the facts won’t wash in the President’s address.

Hell, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann think the President was full of crap with this speech. Sorry to be crude.

The $20 Million escrow fund? Unenforceable, and like TARP money, will vanish to parts unknown. Very likely, Democratic pockets unknown.

This wouldn’t even have happened, we all know, if we had just passed Cap and Trade, he suggests. Puh-leez.

The facts are in, Mr. President.

You withheld federal help because the equipment sitting idle on the Gulf shores are owned and operated by non-union companies. You declared this travesty to be as bad as September 11th, deserving of the full power of the American military, to which your response has been to send only dozen Coast Guard cutters to help with logistics and transport.

Meantime, you have enjoyed regional food, developed a fondness for bushwhackers, and took not one but two vacations at the expense of the Gulf residents. No wonder a recent liberal poll has placed George Bush v. Katrina as a better fight than Barack Obama v. BP.

Once more, you have proven yourself incapable of dealing with this. Here is a thought. By executive order, engage the military and national guard to assist with the spill. Build Jindal’s sand reefs. Tell the unions to pound sand (perhaps literally) and employ the Dutch-owned equipment that can do the job. Cap the leak. Then tally up all the costs and sock BP with the bill, payable over the next 20 years.

Was that so hard?

Or are you actually mean-spirited enough to think that if you let this get out of control, this will make Americans scream out to pass Cap and Trade? We would prefer your actions to be explained by incompetence more than malevolence, but you do realize how the evidence is stacking, no?

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