Re: Re: There Oughta Be A Law!

‘Puter broad-sided a topic that has been skulking about the Czar’s brain for some time now, when he writes these awful [liberal] programs are initially well-intentioned, and a direct result of the prevailing liberal view of government. That is, the government is there to protect us from our own failings, much like a giant Mommy composed of incompetent bureaucrats and indecipherable regulations.

Bullseye. In fact, the Czar believes that liberals suffer from a psychology of perpetual childhoodism. For example:

Ever wonder why folks drone on and on about the good old days, and how things used to be better, when history shows repeatedly that things actually used to be pretty bad? Because they remember things as better: they were kids back then, and all needs were taken care of by grownups. Apparently 80% of us grow out of this mentality, except for infrequent bouts of nostalgia (the Czar remembers many decades with fondness, although only the 1980s make it in the 20th Century).

Some folks never grow out of this. They view the world as a kid does: grownups used to feed us, educate us, clothe us, and give us housing. Today, things are Unfair. People are Mean. They Suck when they tell us no. Everyone should get a turn. Tommy should get two turns because he had to wait longer. Things should just be taken care of, without our having to worry about it. And when they are grownups, the government then fulfills the role of the grownup: someone we pay to watch our back for us.

Here is an experiement to try. You can do this as a thought experiment, or you can be like ‘Puter and use real children for all your experiments; who are we to judge? And in this case, no vivisection is required, and the test is quite easy.

Have a handful of kids play House.

Now watch them. They pick a Mommy and a Daddy, and everyone else gets to be kids. Watch how fast the Mommy and Daddy become incredibly bossy, and start ordering the other kids to do things. Bossy, bossy, bossy.

And there is your liberal brain. Put them in charge, and they get bossy. But that’s a small price to pay, because Everything Is Taken Care Of. You need do nothing! Simply consume.

The Czar likes the way the Ghettoputer put it, of course, and agrees that liberals don’t do this stuff to be evil or communist or whatever: they do it because they were appointed Mommy and Daddy by liberal voters, and now it’s time to be bossy. Bossy, bossy, bossy.

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