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It seems to the Czar that an “op ed” should be opposite the editors’s viewpoint, or at least different enough to warrant printing. But the New York Times, whom you know is quite new to journalism, believes that its op-ed material should be simple rubber stamping of whatever liberal position suits its ownership. And the readership numbers continue to plummet!

Here is a jeremiad by Frank Rich (who is probably both) that simply promotes one liberal fantasy after another. One thing has become quite clear about politics in America today: conservatives understand liberals and their agenda better than liberals actually do, whereas liberals still cannot fathom how conservatives remember to breathe twice in a row.

Do not bother to read the original article, for it will only infuriate you. But allow the Czar to dissect some of the liberal playbook for you, as if you haven’t seen it enough in the last nine years.

If you refer to a conservative or GOP strategist, be sure to describe him with frustrated animal-like qualities. For example, you should refer to Karl Rove as frothing and filibustering, who all but lost it in a debate with Obama strategist David Plouffe. Rich fails to mention that Plouffe urinated on the chair and then snapped at anyone who tapped on his cage door. But then again, neither happened as either Rich or the Czar described it.

And always trying to set us up for the tu quoque fallacy, Rich rips into Boehner for his tirades against healthcare, because of course Boehner is apoplectic about the subject. Yes, the better way for Boehner to criticize healthcare would be to announce that support for healthcare is motivated by racism, as Carter responded to the media a little while back.

Here is a tip: you will not win people over to your point of view by opening your syllogism with insults about the majority’s intellect.Rich admits he is exaggerating a little, but gets serious with us for a moment. It’s no laughing matter, though, when conservatives use racial and homophobic taunts against Democratic leaders—conveniently ignoring the now widely accepting fact that the event never happened, and even Democratic video evidence confirms it. And, he repeats this hoax later on with a reference to a representative being spit on. Hey, Rich: why not ask us where the transitional fossils are?

Money quote: How curious that a mob fond of likening President Obama to Hitler knows so little about history that it doesn’t recognize its own small-scale mimicry of Kristallnacht. The weapon of choice for vigilante violence at Congressional offices has been a brick hurled through a window. So far.

Wow. Well, let us begin. The Hitler poster was drawn and displayed by an SEIU member. Fact or fiction, Mr. Rich? Kristallnacht was done by liberal socialists, not conservative Americans. Fact or fiction, Mr. Rich? And an equal number of bricks have been thrown through GOP windows as well as Democratic office windows. Fact or fiction? Your use of so far comes off sounding very much like I was really hoping for more. Sorry America disappoints your lust for revolution, or whatever fantasy you cling to.

Rich tries to shrug his misperceptions off as the fault of the other side. After all, conservatives whined about social security and Medicare too, he goes on, even though those worried were unfounded.

Rich has no idea what decade it is (which is sad, because it means he will never look back upon his opinions and realize how way off base they were). Social security, for those of you who missed this recently suppressed story, has now gone bankrupt. It is, as conservatives feared in the 1930s, totally unsustainable and now only increases our deficit. Medicare now shows itself to be equally unsustainable, as conservatives warned in the 1960s, especially now that half a trillion dollars is being cut from it. Where, exactly, does Mr. Rich point to the success of these programs? And how does being right twice about unsustainably expensive entitlement programs prove that conservatives will be even wronger about a program several times more massive?

The anger and rage of conservatives—who by Mr. Rich’s connotations now evidently include almost four out of five Americans—is fueled by proudly ignorant polemics such as this. Here is a tip: you will not win people over to your point of view by opening your syllogism with insults about the majority’s intellect. Perhaps this explains the rage? But Mr. Rich, like so many on the far, far left, cannot conceive that there is a reason to what they perceive to be madness.

Conservatives do not need a reminder: their foaming-mouthed racism and violence are all part of the Progressive plan. So when they act with large-scale protests, electioneering, counter-arguments, and rationale, they upset the plan. And that is illogical.

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