Liberal Fantasy Currency

One thing that still astounds the Czar is the ability of the Left to hear things never said and see things never done, and in such a colorful way.

Check this out.

Bloomberg has a story about the newly designed $100 bill.

The Drudge Report links to that. No real commentary, mind you, just a link that was titled “Looking European.”

Joe Klein of Time magazine writes an observation about this, and quotes Bloomberg’s description of the bill’s anticipated new color scheme.

His conclusion: Drudge feels that because the bill looks European, conservatives must be convinced that the new $100 bill is a prelude to socialism! Hah, those stupid conservatives! What is this country coming to, he concludes.

Mind you, all this socialism talk was said by Klein, not by Drudge or Bloomberg. And you are right: all of this was spun in some anti-conservative fantasy inside Klein’s own head, and is not found nor supported by anything in either Drudge or Bloomberg.

The Czar’s read? The new $100 contains some new elements that have indeed been borrowed from some successful elements on the euro. Done. His other conclusion? Klein is, in fact, the paranoid fantasist that he projects onto the Right; he is, after all, the sole source of all the paranoid scribblings therein.

In fact, the Czar would be more accurate to say Joe Klein of Time provides evidence that new $100 bill is socialist move! At the very least, we have relied on our sources more accurately than he has relied on his.

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