Re: Different Drummer

Apropos Czar’s post below, ‘Puter offers the following.

First, Czar, as always, is correct.

Second, what’s up with Czar’s post last night? ‘Puter fears he has been called out as a simpleton. Even more fearfully, ‘Puter fears he is too simple to make a determination whether Czar’s post did, in fact, call him simple. It’s all so very confusing, particularly after spending last night sucking down absinthe and amarettos whil watching professional dodgeball on The Ocho down at the Leaping Peacock.

Third, and what rightfully should have been first in this post, the New York Times’ editorial below accepted at face value the Obama Administration’s faulty premise. That is, Republicans must offer a comprehensive plan to reform the entire health care system just as the Democrats have done, or the Republicans are simply being the so-called “Party of No.”

The New York Times has it backwards. It is incumbent on those who wish to fundamentally overhaul one-seventh of the American economy to prove beyond a reasonable doubt why we need to do so. The burden of proof is on the proponents of systemic change (Democrats), not on the Republicans. Further, the Republicans have put forth plans to address real concerns about health care, among them tort reform and permitting purchase of health insurance across state lines.

The New York Times is knowingly attempting to obfuscate the Democrats’ failure to meet their burden of proof on health care reform. As house organ of the Democrats, ‘Puter’s not surprised at the New York Times’ unethical behavior.

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