Israel Upstages Iran on PR Front

Super secret operative EC writes in with new from the field:

Your Czarness:

I know you follow this kind of thing, but you may have missed this item.

Looks to me as if the Israelis just moved the goal posts on the Iranians. Looking at the picture, I’ll bet these dealies are stealthy, which would counter the anti-aircraft missiles the Russians just sold to the Iranians. Sure looks like a BIG Global Hawk.

Advantage over an ICBM is no launch plume and they don’t have to follow a ballistic path to target. The stiletto rather than the bludgeon. And, with this size, they can carry multiple munitions.

Another thought: for a twenty hour flight, you just change operators back at the joystick.

Miss it? That is exactly why we have operatives like EC who supply us with no end of information. EC will be rewarded for this bit of information with Antiques Roadshow ‘10 for the Wii.

The Czar replied that this weapon is pretty much a PR blow for Iran, who is planning to announce its own unmanned weapons system capable of reaching Israel shortly. Our hunch, of course, is that Israel’s will be able to get off the ground.

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