Dude, that’s Michael Steele. Seriously.

So your Œcumenical Volgi is over at Dan Steinberg’s Sports Bog and decides out of nostalgia to watch the “Thanks for the 12th Man” video from 1987 or so. And at twenty-nine seconds in, he does a double take and says, “That guy clapping—man, he looks like Michael Steele. Couldn’t be, right?” So Confucius pulls up the below picture of Michael Steele from Wikipedia and looks for distinguishing marks. Prominent earlobes. Check. Mole on chin. Check. And then he goes back and checks the tape. See for yourself:

Update: Thanks, Jonah, and welcome, Cornerites. Come for the politico-in-ancient-sports-“rap”-video spotting, stay for the complimentary taco bar. Also, yeah, I know, the video says “1986” right on it and I said 1987 or so. Mea culpa, though technically I’m still correct, if stupid-looking…

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