Recess at the Castle

After school (or schooling those readers who just don’t get it), the Gormogons like to play.  We play hard and we play to win.  None of this political correctness where everyone gets a ribbon and there’s no losers.  Get real. There are winners and losers when you play a game – the real challenge is whether you gave it your best shot (this is one reason that GorT can’t stand the NBA, MLB and Randy Moss, to name a few – they just don’t seem to give it their best everytime – in some cases because the season is way too long, the game is way too long or the play is too long for them to care).

Anyway, we were having a discussion about this at the Castle today.  We have schools where recess includes playing video games on Wiis and cup stacking.  Kids don’t know what “Kick the Can” is.  Dodgeball is outlawed as is other competitive activities.  Bean bag toss is viewed by some as a competitive pastime (what’s wrong four square was too tough?)  And this isn’t isolated to physical activities – we’ve discussed similar issues with regards to science fairs, for instance.  This may seem a bit conspiratorial or paranoid, but these “evolutions” of our society quite possibly has contributed to a reduction in the lack American drive to excel and achieve.  We’re slipping in our leadership position in math and science and we’re on the edge of unraveling the best medical system in the world when measured by contributions to its advancement in recent times.  Learning about winning and losing is a valuable life lesson and something our children should be exposed to and guided through.

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