Mailbag: And This One’s Special

So, you are wondering why the Czar’s mailbag does not feature the usual mail sack photo today? Or perhaps you did not notice? Or more likely you are not even reading the words in this post?

The reason for the change is because we have a very special bit of mail today. World class writer, radio, and star of television Jonathan V. Last took the time to respond to some rabid fan’s sensless gushings for linking to a post on supernovas.

Mr. Last, who is at present the coolest and most intelligent commentator The Weekly Standard has (why, yes, we would solicit competing bribes to change this attribute!), has this to say on the Gormogons:

I read Gormogons as often as I read any blog that doesn’t traffic in bikini shots of Tricia Helfer, so the admiration is most mutual.

This of course means two things: (1) that the Gormogons is without question the most dangerously timely and adroit political and pop culture site in the blogosphere, and (2) we will be changing our mailbag picture today. And possibly again another time.

A special thanks to Mr. Last for making us now more widely read than Perez Hilton’s stuff. All 16 billion Gormogon members are encouraged to click repeatedly on any links to Mr. Last’s online publications, or Such Wrath Shall They Face from Us.

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