The Chinese have tested an ABM system

Oh, goody.

J.E. Dyer over at Commentary notes, in a post puckishly called “Game On” that China’s successfully tested an anti-ballistic-missile system. This is interesting, because as your Volgi has been writing for some time, China’s military strategy seems to be shifting to a more aggressive posture. Dyer notes:

It means that China perceives that the old conditions have expired. Under those old conditions, the chief dynamic involved Russia trying to forestall U.S. deployment of our “National Missile Defense” — the concept that would fully supersede MAD. But that condition no longer obtains, because with President Obama’s September 2009 policy reversal, Russia has succeeded.

So, China has been steadily increasing military spending, building aircraft carriers (which are purely offensive systems), playing submarine tag, attempting to ensure air superiority for an invasion of Taiwan, and building secret underground sub bases in the South China Sea at a base that can already accommodate two carrier groups.

So, National Security Council, anybody think this means we should spend more on the Navy and deter the Chinese from imperialist adventurism? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Apparently our defense is now dictated by the principle, if you want peace, prepare for health-care legislation.

* Did anyone anywhere ever mention that the construction of the Sanya sub base on Hainan Island might well be why the Chinese took down our EP-3? Or does that time-frame not work>