When in doubt, trust a software engineer

Subtitled: Baby, it’s cold in this computer.

Sure, I’m titled this post as such partially because I am one by trade and if you’ve learned anything from reading our site, we’re right (the Mandarin and ‘Puter are watching you, so you do agree, right?).
But really, I’m saying this because if there is one thing that software engineers crave, desire and worship, it’s consistency.  When you run software (code) as an programmer, it should do the same thing (relative to the inputs) every time.  When an anomaly happens, it better be explainable.  Why?  Because computers (not GorT) do exactly what you tell them to do and unless you are changing the code on the fly, it runs the same set of instructions every time.  You can jigger the inputs to try to get different results and you can change the code to get different results but at the end of the day, you can lay out a set of input data, the series of steps (code) taken and the resulting output and someone else can take this same approach and recreate it.  Sound remotely familiar?

Good.  Then hop over here and read an excellent disassembly of parts of the CRU leaked information that isn’t getting a lot of focus – the code itself.

About GorT

GorT is an eight-foot-tall robot from the 51ˢᵗ Century who routinely time-travels to steal expensive technology from the future and return it to the past for retroinvention. The profits from this pay all the Gormogons’ bills, including subsidizing this website. Some of the products he has introduced from the future include oven mitts, the Guinness widget, Oxy-Clean, and Dr. Pepper. Due to his immense cybernetic brain, GorT is able to produce a post in 0.023 seconds and research it in even less time. Only ’Puter spends less time on research. GorT speaks entirely in zeros and ones, but occasionally throws in a ڭ to annoy the Volgi. He is a massive proponent of science, technology, and energy development, and enjoys nothing more than taking the Czar’s more interesting scientific theories, going into the past, publishing them as his own, and then returning to take credit for them. He is the only Gormogon who is capable of doing math. Possessed of incredible strength, he understands the awesome responsibility that follows and only uses it to hurt people.