“This Is Madness”

Do you get the feeling that Copenhagen is one of the most exciting political events of our time, and one that will change the world?

Or are you missing all the news about what a total disaster of a “charlie foxtrot” the summit has become?

You already know about the violent riots, the walkouts, the demands for scientific validation that are being hushed, and the political hatred brewing between first-world countries who rightly refuse to humiliate themselves. And earlier, we reported how the police refused to let delegates address the protestors, allegedly by threat of force. Large pro-environment groups are being denied entry, despite prior assurances that they could attend, leading the director of one such organization to exclaim “It is completely out of order. People are outraged at what is going on. Big mainstream organizations are being muzzled. This is madness.”

And now, adding to the disorganized malfunction: conference president Connie Hedegaard has resigned. Why, you ask? Good question:

—Hedegaard says the event was purely procedural and nothing should be read into it.

—The conference executives were unaware of any such procedure, and admit to being shocked.

—Smaller countries say it’s because she was exposed as a fraud, in that she favored the wealthy industrialized nations and didn’t care for the third-world countries.

—Larger countries say it’s because she was exposed for being too fawning over smaller countries.

—Folks inside the environmental community whisper that Hedegaard was becoming increasingly concerned about the not-so-secret transfer of wealth and control—including one provision that would displace the United Nations in participating in future climate change regulations. In response, she was pressured by others to resign once she became a roadblock to progressive liberalism and so on, and so on. Whatever any of that really means.

The point is that all this reveals how stupid the mantra “The time to act is now” really is. All that happens is pointless disorder and chaos. Even the folks inside the discussions have no idea what is going on. Truly, this is madness.

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