Copenhagen A Complete Flop

But a powerful agreement was reached, no? Depends on whom you ask.

BBC News reports that a meaningful agreement has been reached at Copenhagen! Read on, because only the US, China, India, and South Africa made the agreement, and the agreement consisted only of a method of verifying how much a country reduces its emissions.

In essence, if the goal of a conference were to, say, make the perfect pound cake, and had 200 bakers around the world, the only thing agreed among four bakers was to use a measuring cup.

How nice that the US just spent millions of dollars to fly the President, Speaker of the House, and other high-ranking liberals to a two-day European jaunt on our dime so that nothing could be done. No, the Czar doesn’t mean about the environment; he is referring to the total lack of progress on the domestic needs of Americans which could hardly be more neglected at this point.

Greenpeace’s UK Executive Director sneered at the non-result of Copenhagen, saying “It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen.” Agreed. And US voters will begin that process in 2010 by voting out liberals.

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