Climate Change & the Media, 1895–

The beginning of this report from Ed Driscoll (you’ll see him over there on the Album Blogorum) is really good at documenting the periodic climate panics of the last century. (The edits are a little jarring, be warned)Though the Robert Fripp catch is great, he leaves out a lot of ’70s and ’80s stuff like Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood,” and the Clash’s “London Calling,” in which they yodel, “The ice age is coming | The sun’s zoomin’ in | Engines stop running | The wheat’s growin’ thin | A nuclear error | But I have no fear | London is drowning | I live by the river.”

Also, as a teacher of ours used to say, MORTAL SIN! You use In Search Of and you don’t use the awesome theme music?!

Dang, Confucius loved In Search Of.