Could Obama Be A One-Term President? Absolutely.

Fox News has a rather sensational story in which Rush Limbaugh lambasts President Obama. In the story, which reads more like an opinion piece in awkard third person (the Czar finds editorial use of the third person a poor writing gimmick), Limbaugh proclaims that Mr. Obama will be a one-term president.

The Czar, first off, hopes that President Obama is not a three-term-plus President, and otherwise acknowledges that this leaves either a one-term option or a two-term option.

Certainly, the possibility exists that the President may be limited to a single term. The Czar started to see signs of a conservative backlash many months ago among the general public.

More recently, even liberal polls conclude that conservativism is on a major upswing, with liberals now only 20% or less of the population.

No doubt the reader is aware that a Republican candidate for a New York congressional seat, Dede Scozzafava, has been hurled out of the race in favor of a far more conservative candidate, Dan Hoffman. Scozzafava has been accused of being too liberal, and indeed, she has endorsed the Democratic candidate, Bill Owens, in order to seal her fate as a political non-entity.

Although the MSM keeps interpreting this as the long-awaited proof of a self-destructive rift in the Republican Party, the reality is simply that conservatives are no longer accepting blurred-party line politics. Either support conservative principles, or you are finished. The only political infighting that remains, of course, is within the Democractic Party.

Either support conservative principles, or you are finished. The only political infighting that remains, of course, is within the Democractic Party.More proof of the forthcoming right cross is the New Jersey governor’s race; while not a slam-dunk win for the GOP, incumbent Democratic governor John Corzine was nearly blown over by the wave of support for Republican challenger Christopher Christie.

In Virginia, Democratic incumbent Creigh Deeds is scrambling to recover from a surge of popularity for Republican challenger Robert McDonnell.

In Illinois, the Republicans are looking to capitalize on the corruption of Democrat Rod Blagojevic and weakness of replacement Pat Quinn.

Heck, in Wisconsin, a recent poll manipulated by the Volgi showed that Republican Tommy Thompson was the state’s clear choice for governor, and he isn’t even running.

2010 could easily sustain the wave of anti-liberal nausea that washed across American in 2009, particularly as November and December politics play out. If the Democrats continue to soil themselves on a national platform as they have been doing, and if Republicans indeed overturn Democrats in gubernatorial elections, this will only fuel the displeasure most Americans clearly seem to be feeling. Harry Reid is certainly not the only congressional player who will be working at a Sonic drive-through in 2011: the GOP will see significant gains next year.

And this brings us to the big enchilada (which Sonic does not sell, although the jalapeño poppers are good)—2012’s presidential race. The GOP is pacing themselves well, the Czar believes. Some key names are starting to emerge, but no clear leader is stepping forward yet in order to avoid the liberal character assassinations that will surely and inevitably follow. Once Congress has dumped itself of as many Democrats as it can (the Czar expects few if any Republicans will be voted out) in 2010, the clear candidates will emerge.

Without doubt, the Obama administration has suffered a miserable first year. Little of note was accomplished either domestically or internationally. Mistakes blatantly outweight any successes, and most successes are followed by an asterisk—either because it was a Bush initiative that Obama continued, or because the numbers are not agreed upon.

If the President continues to operate in such an underwhelming and disappointing fashion, and if the Congress can purge itself into conservativism in 2010, and if the Republicans can find a conservative leader (sorry Senator McCain; maverick was seen as too liberal), then yes: Barack Obama is certain to be a one-term President.

But while those are a lot of ifs, they are hardly reaching. So far, all signs are pointing very strongly down those lines. But Obama presently has enough popularity and momentum that charitable Americans may agree to throw him a bone of a second chance. Liberals and Democrats both are counting on this: they expect the perpetual campaigner Obama to step up and work his magic over another gullible and fearful populace. This time, though, the populace appears pissed off and smarter. While the Democrats are thinking Bill Clinton, the country seems to be thinking Jimmy Carter.

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