Qom II

And right on cue, Israel is ramping up pre-war rhetoric.

Interestingly, Israel indicates no plan for any military involvement until after Yom Kippur, due to cabinet holiday schedules. And that delays things until later this week.

Oh yeah—right on time with Hillary Clinton’s comments that Iran needs to be ready to talk on October 1st.

More practically, folks on both sides of the issue see that a strike is inevitable, and occuring before the end of the year…after seeing if sanctions really are working. Those involved on the US side agree with the time table of early next year.

Iraqi president Jelal Talebaní is against the idea of an Israeli attack (obviously, as Iranian refugees would overwhelm his struggling country), but concedes that Iran will not give a crap about sanctions.

An excellent item in the WSJ discusses the difficulties facing Israel when…not if…they attack.

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