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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention an excellent email from Gormogon follower, Eric. Mr. E. wrote in with regards to this post about the F.U.D. campaign against nuclear power plants. He makes a critical point (my emphasis added):

[O]ne of the worst case conditions we modeled (Mr. C was/is in the nuclear power plant industry) was for a utility pole being driven against the concrete containment by hurricane force winds. A cylindrical object striking “end on” generates great “punching shear”. The worst part of an aircraft for causing impact damage are the engines, but even these are not massive compared to their diameters. Aircraft components are designed to be strong and light. This means that their mass is low per unit volume. And, since collision damage is caused by inelastic energy transfer (kinetic energy is equal to mass times velocity squared), aircraft tend to go “splat”, rather than penetrating a massive target.

This is largely what we witnessed in the video with the F-4 Phantom as it disintegrated during collision. Mr. E continues:

A nice feature of reinforced concrete domes, many of which are now prestressed, is they transfer energy elastically over a large surface. You might get some surface spalling, but a structural collapse is unlikely.

Thanks for the additional excellent info and keep on reading, Mr. E!

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