Mailbag: Shoot for the Stars!

Stalwart supporter MC (presently in charge of our top three conspiracies in Andorra) writes in to say:

No doubt the mighty Czar of Muscovy has already read this piece by David Pryce-Jones, but I took note that he follows your lead on how to properly deal with trendy assclowns who have no respect for great traditions:

Puccini was famously angry with whoever took liberties with his scores; he made clear how he wanted this supreme opera to be staged, and small-minded men like Gelb and Bondy do not know better than the great composer. Tosca finishes with a firing squad and a summary execution. My Association is taking note.

Excellent! Too much stuff today ends in posts and editorials. In our day, we ended just about everything with a firing squad. Ever wonder what became of the cast of F Troop? Today they’d simply be put on Dancing With the Stars…and you already know how the Czar would handle that show, too.

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