America and Race

One of ‘Puter’s favorite columnists, Leonard Pitts, Jr. of the Miami Herald, penned this piece on race, conservatives and America. Read it. Do it now. ‘Puter will wait.

‘Puter reads Mr. Pitts’ column to state certain conservatives are using race to bait (assumedly) racist, white middle and lower class people into supporting the objectives of the conservative party. If that’s Mr. Pitts’ point, ‘Puter disagrees. Most conservatives are not racist, nor are most liberals. ‘Puter also disagrees that race today is major component of today’s most vexing problems, as Mr. Pitts asserts. Race is a component, to be certain, but not a major component. ‘Puter thinks economic poverty and single-parent households are greater causes of the difficulties Mr. Pitts cites than race is. ‘Puter also thinks making race a proxy for poverty, both economic and familial, is every bit as irresponsible as the behavior of conservative pundits about whom Mr. Pitts complains.

That said, let’s remember two things Mr. Pitts leaves out of his column. First, racism and accusations thereof are the kiss of death in polite society today. See, e.g., Professor Gates v. Sergeant Crowley. Most white folks are too frightened of social opprobrium to let anything vaguely racially tinged pass their lips. This gives lie to the implicit assertion that there is a great mass of racist white conservatives waiting to be called into action. Second, the only people legally discriminated against today in America are white men, and that is source of much of the resentment Mr. Pitts complains of. Get rid of legal discrimination against all races, including whites, and most of the resentment Mr. Pitts sees would vanish.

‘Puter thinks, and thinks Mr. Pitts would agree with him, that liberal and media assertions that President Obama’s election magically transformed America into a post-racial society are a load of horse hockey. But ‘Puter also thinks that America is a much less racist country than the country Mr. Pitts writes about in this piece, even the conservative side of America.

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