Re: This Gets Tiring

The Czar captures my sentiments very nicely in the post below. Let’s get over the “what they really meant to say” excuse. We’re all adults here (at least in some respects), so they can speak for themselves and take responsibility for their actions. Imagine if one of John Roberts said, “white men can make better judgments than latino women” ?? I’d be offended. The media wouldn’t have relented and the Democrats, likely led by Mr. Microphone himself Sen. Schumer and Charlie Wrangle would have been screaming from the mountain tops about it. So what happens when you reverse two sets of two words in that statement? Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Yep, no outrage from MSNBC and Chris Matthews. All we hear (and if I did believe in some conspiracy about talking poinst, now would be the time) is about “her lifestory.” Who the hell cares. We all have life stories. Some have more hardships and some of those have successfully overcome them. But this is a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the nation. Beside the fact that she doesn’t know the Constitution (i.e. the Judicial branch does not “make policy from the bench” as she claims to do and want to do), she has mae blatant and clear racist and sexists comments. She judges people by their gender and race. Is this what traits that POTUS Obama seeks in a Supreme Court nominee? People with greater demonstrated ability have been railroaded out of the nomination in the past by the opposition – this is clearly one that should be vehemently opposed solely based on these two issues.

Make no doubt about this – we’re in the middle of an Amateur Hour of the US Government. When supposed leaders can’t speak for themselves and need to be repeatedly “corrected” via the Obama spin machine, it is embarassing.

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