Keep watching for it….

A while back, I predicted that with the election of Obama and the going-weak-at-the-knees treatment that Hollywood and the press have given his administration (which continues) that the current slate of comedians and satirists will be looking for a new line of work. Why? Because they are either too afraid to poke fun at Obama, even in a satirical manner, they don’t want to for political reasons or they aren’t that good at their job. That’s it. There aren’t other options. Case in point: Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. By tradition, it is a roast of the current, I repeat CURRENT, president. But after a few light (read: my 8-year old has better material) jokes about POTUS Obama’s basketball skills, she dove right in on Limbaugh, Bush, Cheney, Hannity, etc. I’m sure that she’s getting a fair amount of praise for her bit but really, Ms. Sykes should go back and answer the questions above: are you afraid, not that good or politically motivated?

Has SNL done a good skit yet poking at Obama…not really. They did take shots at him during the primaries when it looked like Hillary Clinton had a better shot. Has any of the comedians in Hollywood dared to push the line and make Obama the butt of one of their jokes? Again, not really.

I think we’re in for about another 9 months of this treatment. The comedians trying to capitalize on what people can recall about the Bush Administration while the Obama Administration continues to gaffe. Then the res tof the general public will grow weary of the jokes. They won’t be timely anymore. People won’t care. And some will start wondering where the “new material” is from these entertainers.

I think the intelligent and attractive Monica Crowley has it right: those conservative comedians need to stop living in fear or start working on some better Obama material (there’s plenty to work with already). I think that there will be a gaping hole in the entertainment world for them real soon.

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