Fair Share

Recently ‘Puter’s been hearing a lot of talk about making “the rich” pay their “fair share” in taxes. This seems to be code for “I want more. Take that guy’s stuff and give it to me.”

‘Puter has given the matter some thought, and will now be taking the following position on “fair share” of income tax advocates. ‘Puter will now reply that he will be happy to pay his “fair share” of his income to the government just as soon as people taking government welfare/benefits/etc. start only taking their “fair share.”

Unemployed able bodied guy? Too bad. Take the crap job at McDonalds and we’ll make up the difference.

Welfare mother who has more kids while on welfare? Too bad. No additional benefits for you.

People who think they’ve earned social security at 62, or even better government pensions at 55? Sorry. Age limits just increased, or benefits just got lowered.

Corporate farmers getting crop subsidies? So sorry. The government teat done went and dried up.

Schools (and associated unions) putting out uneducated kids? Show ‘Puter good results and ‘Puter’ll show you the money.

The possibilities are endless.

If ‘Puter’s version of “fair share” catches on, it’s more likely than not that spending will decrease such that suddenly the government will find it doesn’t need ‘Puter’s “fair share” of income.

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