Evil Is As Evil Does

Controversial late term abortion provide Dr. George Tiller was reportedly gunned down at church services in Kansas this morning.

‘Puter has no truck for Dr. Tiller.  Dr. Tiller was a willing participant in one of the greatest moral evils of our time: killing babies undeniably able to live outside the womb.  Unrelatedly, ‘Puter finds it interesting that a Christian congregation accepted a late term abortion provider as a member, but that’s for another time.
‘Puter also loathes the bastard who gunned Dr. Tiller down.  ‘Puter’s going out on a limb here, but the killer is probably a “Christian” white male, content to go to prison in service of a “holy” cause.  Killing another human being who does not pose an immediate threat of death or great bodily harm to you is evil.  Civilized humans use the law, not vigilantism, to settle even the most divisive matters.  Resorting to violence damages our society, and not coincidentally, the pro-life cause.
Both individuals involved here are killers.  Both are morally reprehensible.  And God in His infinite wisdom will stand in judgment of both.
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